Case Study: Informa

The Client

Global events business
Quality, expert-led conferences

The Challenge

Informa KNect365 Life Sciences organise conferences for a variety of life science areas ranging from pharmaceutical and biopharma to healthcare and wellness.

In the past, Life Sciences focused its marketing efforts mainly on advertising conferences in relevant trade magazines and reaching out to past attendees via email marketing. Due to underselling conference places, Informa wanted to try new ways of advertising events to their target audiences by promoting them digitally.

Informa Life Sciences then approached WBS to support them with online promotion of their conferences.

The Solution

As a first step WBS prepared a digital marketing strategy and recommended the best marketing channels to use. These included Paid Search, Display and Gmail advertising, as well as Social Media advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook.

WBS also recommended the advertising budget for each campaign based on the target audience in the relevant countries.

WBS also improved the Google Analytics set-up to ensure that conversions would be tracked and attributed correctly. In addition, we implemented remarketing tags to be able to retarget users who visited the Life Sciences site but had not previously converted.

WBS ran digital marketing activities for major conferences such as MedTech and Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summits, the Crops & Chemicals, BioProduction and Cell & Gene Therapy Congresses. Our activities were localised for different target countries, including the UK, Germany, France and USA.

WBS increased event visibility among the target audiences via Paid Search for people actively searching for the relevant events as well as generic & long-tail keywords. LinkedIn was used to reach people with relevant job titles & from relevant industries, whilst Display and Gmail advertising were used for audiences interested in the relevant topics.

The Result

WBS increased traffic to the different event landing pages by 30- 60% and delivered incremental bookings for all conferences where we ran activity. Each campaign produced a positive ROI of no less than 50% with direct conversions (conference bookings) coming in from across the various channels. Additionally, we were able to clearly demonstrate that our marketing campaigns had a positive impact across other channels resulting in overall campaign influence delivering a return of 10 times the marketing spend.

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