Case Study: National Geographic

The Client

Global TV Channel
160 million viewers
Broadcast across 143 countries
Over 25 multilingual websites

The Challenge

National Geographic Channel were redesigning their websites, and eager to ensure that the new home page was easy to navigate so that visitors could find information on their favourite shows more easily.

Specifically, they wanted to find out if the new designs would promote more user-friendly navigation on and whether their new carousel and main menu would outperform the old ones.

The Solution

WBS were given the task of constructing the testing process, and determining the optimal menu/carousel combination. We used the NGC UK site’s web analytics data to determine benchmarks and goal pages based on the popularity of regional shows. We then proceeded to perform an A B C D test.

The Result

After running the test for two weeks, it was determined that the new menu, in combination with the old carousel, outperformed all of the other combinations. Compared with the old menu and old carousel, there was a 104% improvement in navigation.

There was also a significant increase of 12% in internal searches conducted on the site. This indicated that users were able to navigate to the goal pages with greater ease when they used the new menu combined with the old carousel.

The test results indicate that the new menu should be implemented on the website. However, the difference between the old and new carousel was only 4%, which suggested that the overall improvement was mainly due to the new menu.

As a next step, WBS suggested further design testing to evaluate additional opportunities for increasing user engagement and improving navigation.

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