Case Study: Pottermore

The Client

J.K. Rowling, Pottermore Shop
Exclusive site for Harry Potter eBooks
Multiple e-channels (Amazon, Sony)
Multilingual, multi-currency sales

The Challenge

Pottermore is the official site of J.K. Rowling, where hundreds of millions of Harry Potter fans from all over the world can explore the Potter Universe and buy from the Pottermore Shop. As a result, customer service and customer satisfaction were key management goals.

Readers can buy Harry Potter digital audio and eBooks from the Pottermore Shop, and order them via the Pottermore site, as well as, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and others. The eBooks are available in e-pub and audio versions, and several formats, including Kindle, Nook and Sony e-readers. They can be downloaded to different devices, such as Kindle Fire, or directly to a PC. Additional options include re-download and sending them as a gift. The site, which is multilingual and multi-currency, has a very unique path to the purchase and post-purchase fulfilment journey. Our challenge was to implement the customer journey and web performance tracking so that management could monitor and improve the online purchasing experience.

The Solution

We resolved this complicated task by conducting customer journeys for each acquisition channel, from registration through to checkout, and then for each fulfilment option. We used a combination of virtual page views and customised affiliate tracking to monitor the registration and purchasing process, fulfilment account creation and download process. This allowed us to build goal funnels for each fulfilment option, which ensured that the Pottermore customer support team could monitor and pre-emptively address any issues that might arise throughout the fulfilment process.

Pottermore launched in five languages on 27 March 2012. Its complex tracking performed perfectly and, in the first three days, Harry Potter eBook sales generated $1.5 million.

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